About Me


I’m Kate.

A house painter living in a small country town.


I’m the eldest of six kids.

100_0802Matthew, my youngest little brother, joined our family late in the scheme of things . His arrival cancelled our six month family Europe trip.

He was worth it.

10456055_10152488616519693_1576163831786663050_nMy dad is a tradie.

His specialty is trailer rides and non-Aussie accents (he rings up his friends and pretends to be foreign people).

I call him the Boss.

IMG_6599My mum is Super Woman.

She homeschooled us kids, took me to dance class, pep talked me through my teens, and likes every post I put on this blog.

She also signs all my weekly pay cheques.

She’s indispensable.


Mostly, I goof around.

Sometimes I’m serious, but I make no promises. I like to laugh too much.

About My Blog

I write about my family, who I love to bits.
I write movie reviews, when they’re good.
I write book reviews, when I get the time to read.
I write poetry, that may or may not technically rhyme or make sense.
My new addiction is photography and I try to take my DSLR everywhere with me.

Blogging keeps me sane….ish. It’s an outlet for my inner weirdness.

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share. I hope something on this blog brightens your day.

Love ya!

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