Title For Murder

Now that day light saving has once again come to an end, the sun sets sooner, the city people groan and the country people cheer. This event occurs every year and there’s nothing especially special about it.

What hasn’t ever happened before, to my knowledge, is the family mower starting up at 6.30 p.m when it’s dark out. I was over at my parents’ this evening and looked out of my camper to see the twin head lights of my Dad’s ride on mower driving past. I should add that due to day light saving’s departure, his twin head lights were the ONLY thing I could see.

First, I marvelled at the foresight inventors of ride on mowers have to know that some men apparently like to mow in the pitch black of night and therefore added head lights to their design to cater to this need. Now that’s knowing your audience. Had you asked me two hours ago, I would have sworn on my life ride ons don’t have head lights.

Second, my brain almost immediately hatched a book title and story line that could only be a murder mystery, because let’s be realistic, your can’t have any other genre with an after dark mower man. It would be a blood and guts story featuring a man of unusual habits, a hermit the neighbours keep their children away from, who rides his mower after dark. Why? To cover up the noise of his tortured victims, or maybe to cut up body parts and evenly distribute them over his well fertilised lawn.

It would be called Midnight Mowing.

Or Night Mower Man.

Or maybe Murderous Mower.

I’m still working on title possibilities, but all you need to know is it would be a best seller.

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