Astra · Poetry

The Sheer Thrill Of The Poo

My dog likes poo
She likes wee too

But poo is king of smells

She thinks it’s cool

To sniff at stool

And read the tales it tells

She’s like a hound

When she has found

Most fragrant of them all

Her nose goes up

Her senses sup

Her ears don’t hear my call 

She races on

It’s not a con

When nose is pressed to ground

And there it lies

Covered in flies

The sweetest to be found

Its smell is fowl

Your nose will howl

She wouldnt- but you’re wrong

She’s rolling round

Her pooy mound 

A grin a mile long

And when she’s clean

White and pristine

She’ll point a look at you

For you just lack

The balls to hack

The sheer thrill of the poo

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