Email From Iballistic

I recieved an interesting email this morning. Mostly, my emails are boring or even more boring, adverisment which I have to unsubscribe from. Can’t say I’ve ever receive much scam mail, but today seemed to be an exception.

Because Iballistic Squid messaged me. Firstly, it took me a few seconds to get past the name. What psycho maniac genius named themselves Iballistic Squid and how could I meet up with them for a psycho maniac workshop. Secondly, I wondered how many gold bars they wanted me to transport over the border (I watch too many James Veitch videos).

Then I read the message. Then I realised I knew who Iballistic Squid was. Then the genius of this psycho maniac became clear.

I love my ten-year-old brother very much.

He has been a worthy apprecntice.

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