The Booking Dilemma

I was driving down the highway this afternoon and past a patrol car and a biker. The biker was obviously being booked for speeding.

The snide little raccoon in me smirked as I drove on. Then I got to wondering what you called those few minutes you sit in your car, while everyone drives past and smirks at you, as you wait for your $380 speeding ticket from a patrol officer.

I came up with some options:

Road Hare Confession Box

The Blue and White Ticket Show

Caught With Your Red Hot Foot Down

Police Tagged Your Butt, Bud

The Silence Before The Financial Needle

I really do consider myself a compassionate human, but I feel you should be warned that if ever you’re pulled over for the lane of shame, me and my 90km max, 1987 Hiace may past you. 

And we may smirk.

Because we are the spirit of the raccoon. 

We’ll be adding to our list of names corresponding to your plight. We’ll send you the update.

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