Anna and the Wonder Pants

This evening I sent my younger sister a photo of a set of underpants I purchased with the logo ‘TRADIE’ printed around the waist band in tasteful neon pink, sky blue and caterpilla green.

The fashion gods have, at last, answered my prayers.

Kate: Anna!!! I’ve now got my super tradie underpants! Now I need my super tradie cape!!

Anna: I don’t need or want photos of underwear appearing anywhere on my feed.

Kate *singsong voice*: You’ll be sorry when I’m saving the world.

(At this point I start roll playing.)

Kate: *News Reading voice*: Sister of Wonder Tradie gets hit by a bus. WONDER TRADIE NO WHERE IN SIGHT!

Kate *News Reporter voice*: Wonder Tradie, why weren’t you there to save your sister?

Kate *as Wonder Tradie*: She didn’t appreciate my Wonder Pants. I was going to make her my Wonder Pumpkin sidekick, but alas, she wanted nothing to do with my humanitarian work. 

Kate *normal voice*: Take heed, sis. This could be your life.

Anna: It not a life worth living if I live in the shadow of Wonder Pants. I’ll pass.

With great power and world saving skill, comes greatly under-valued costume attire.

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