The Vortex of Memories

Is this you…?

On Sunday afternoon, you boot up your computer, surf the web, check your Facebook and email notifications, eat a packet of Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream chips, decide to change your profile picture and then….get sucked down the Vortex of Memories?

Yes, I’ve spent the last two hours going through photos of my dog when she was a liddle baby. I resisted the maternal urge to upload all forty videos of Astra playing with her bell ball and settled for this one.

I hope it makes you laugh.

I’ve started building my time machine.

I’m calling it the Astralorean.

I’ll be travelling back nine months ago.




2 thoughts on “The Vortex of Memories

  1. That’s Sooo gorgeous.. Cutest funny little puppy with her head stuffed in a pipe 😂😂😂

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