Peeing Cyclists

I parked my van at a rest stop to walk my puppy today and a bunch of cyclists pulled up. On the way back to my van, I saw a man peeing very close by, out in the open.

I’m wondering what the etiquette is for situations like this. Do I politely pretend I’m blind and give the man with a full bladder privacy as he relieves himself? Or should I say something to make these people aware that public peeing is gross?

While I’m still at a crossroads about this, in preparation, I’ve drawn up seven essential things to say if speaking out against public peeing is indeed the right path to choose.

  1. ‘Oooo, look! A native watering hole!’
  2. ‘Excuse me, sir, hatetomentionit, but I think your fly’s undone.’
  3. ‘Don’t you just LOOOOOVE it here! You can really let yourself GOOOOOO in a place like this.’
  4. ‘SPOTTO!!’
  5. ‘Mmmm…what’s that acidic smell?’
  6. ‘Hey, mind if I join you?’

Or when all else fails…..

7. ‘Oi! Get a toilet!’

xx Trouser Girl


2 thoughts on “Peeing Cyclists

  1. Wait till you have to change a dirty nappy or your kid just lets it go where ever .
    Dont worry you’ll say something when the times right.

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