Not Very Much

I pulled rat bait out of my puppy’s mouth on the weekend. We didn’t know if she’d eaten any so I got a blood test done.

Me: ‘How much will the blood test be?’

Vet Nurse: ‘Ahhh…I’m not sure, but if it’s just a blood test it’s not very much.’

Me: ‘Okay, cool.’

Two days later…

Vet Nurse: ‘The blood test is totally clear. Everything’s good with Astra.’

Me: ‘Awsome! How much do I owe you?’

Vet Nurse: ‘Two hundred and forty dollars.’

Mini silence.

Me: ‘Sorry, what? Can you say that again?’

Vet Nurse: ‘$240.’

Me: ‘Oooo…kay.’

I’ve come to sense that I may possibly speak a different dialect to some people. It’s totally possibly somewhere in the evolution of language and phrases such as ‘not much’,  I’ve been left behind.

It’s just a vague suspicion I have.

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