12 Things A Puppy’s Taught Me



Seven and a half months as a puppy parent has taught me several dozen things.

1. You can desensitise your nose to the smell of poop.

2. You WILL want to strangle your puppy multiple times.

3. Instead of strangling your puppy, you will strive to never wish them harm again and attempt to gain etherial patience.

4. You will fail.

5. Everything you don’t want them to chew will be the yummiest, nawiest thing they want to chew.

6. Their cuteness will melt your heart. Even when you’re tired, need a shower and the remains of a tissue box is like fairy floss on your floor.

7. Number 1 is rubbish. You always smell poop.

8. The outdoor compost bin is the worse source of puppy breath.

9. There is nothing like baby fur.

10. Vomit and baby fur make orange baby fur.

11. Despite previously believing yourself an aloft pet parent, you’ll form a bond you didn’t think you could.

12. And that makes everything else worth it.


xx Trouser Girl


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