A Tribute: The Old and The New

I feel it’s about time I announced this news for the benefit of no one in particular.

I have a new dog.

But before I go there, I would like to make a tribute to the previous dog I had who resided with me for five short, however five intense, months.

DJ was rehomed about four months ago. I would like to say it was a hard decision and up until a certain point it was. I was stubborn. I hadn’t planned on ever rehoming him. I was going to be his forever owner.

That, unfortunately, didn’t happen.


In a nut shell, DJ became a very unfriendly dog towards people, my family, and other dogs. I was his resource and he protected me to the point of, in the end, getting aggressive when people approached or touched me. My bedroom was off limits for everyone because we had some scary guarding incidents and he began to guard the kitchen too.

I took him to weekly dog classes, did a lot of research, had private dog consults with Susanne, a very good dog trainer, and had to try to micro manage DJ’s aggression levels. The last two weeks he was with me my health suffered. Stress is a nice way of saying it. At the end, it was an easy decision because neither DJ or I were happy.

The people I bought him from wanted him back so the same day I made the decision, we met up and DJ went back to his old home.

I can’t say for sure what went wrong. I believe it was a few things, one of them being DJ’s lack of socialisation at a young age.

I’m grateful I had the time I did with him. He helped me discover my passion (dog training) and gave me a very informative and detailed crash course in what can go wrong with a dog.

It was short, but I feel I learned a heck of a lot about dogs. After he left, I kept learning, kept researching and last Saturday, I brought this little girl home.

Her name is Astra.



We’ve been exploring the world together, have started puppy classes and been ticking of my socialisation check lists (yes, I have lists, people!).

It’s a new start and I’m going to do my very best to ensure this little ball of joy grows into a well-balance, social, happy adult.

If I accomplish that, there’ll be one less dog in the world who has to be put down because of aggression and behavioural problems.

I think that’s as good a goal as any.

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