Two Days Til Mayhem

You know that feature on your phone called a camera app? You know how there’s a feature within that camera feature called a shutter button? Cool. So you know how when you’re in the camera app feature on your phone and in the camera there’s a feature called a shutter button and it just so happens that if you hold down the shutter button it takes photo after photo after photo?

Oh, yours does that too?

Well. Do you ever go onto you phone and find friends or family have used that feature within a feature to their hearts content and you have a few hundred photos like the two below?


Really? You too?

I think we’re identical twins.

On another crazy note, Christmas is two days away (for us Australians), and my presents for the fam are stacked in the corner waiting to be ripped open.

I hope you have someone special to spend the day with. Don’t eat anything I wouldn’t (like cold smoked oysters – ug!), remember to exercise the day after, and whatever you do don’t feed lollies to Thing 1 and Thing 2!



I don’t know this for certain, but if those two were on hypo juice, you and Christmas Day may never recover.

Merry Christmas!

xx The Girl In Trousers

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