Ali’s New Adventure


Did you wonder what happened to Ali, the Sidekick?

Sometimes I wonder this, too.

When I try to drill a screw in with my drill on the reverse setting (it happens more than you’d think).

When I have to battle shrubbery to do my job as a skilled and talented painter.

When I crack out my underwater dance moves to an song on the radio (my brother, who has been working with us, gave me the ‘I’m not related to you’ treatment).

These are the times when one really feels the absence of one’s accomplice. One’s brother just doesn’t understand the meaning of genius when it comes to singing with an accent on the job site while welding a paint brush while on a ladder busting out some vertical bop moves.

My life is so hard these days.



Since Ali’s retirement nearly two years ago, she has moved, married and settled a four hours drive from my abode. I was visiting a couple of weekends ago and snapped these photos.


Andrew and Ali have been married for a year now. You may remember I was their bridesmaid. However, we cannot speak of that time as my feet have not recovered from their sparkly high-heel trip to purgatory.

I have had to signed a contract of the Foot Liberation Act stating that I may only don flat soled Dunlops for the next twenty years of my life.


Thanks to my groovy doovy macro lens I spied on these two as we walked the beach.


Both Ali and I meet Andrew when we went to a New Zealand church camp back when we were teenagers. We stayed in an old church rectory with Andrew’s family and a few other families.

All three of us were very mature and slid down the stairs on lounge cushions.


Andrew and Ali now rent a cute three story granny flat in the city off a lady who has a lot of metal painted animals in her front lawn.

I feel good knowing that Ali lives surrounded by a good amount of weirdness.

I wouldn’t want her to feel that life has become dull without me.


So although, she may be too far away to encourage me to eat exotic (disgusting) foods like smoked oyster late at night when we used to get the munchies, and she isn’t around during a work day to laugh at my exceptionally executed jokes, I’m glad Ali’s founds someone to share her life with.

She’s off on a new adventure and I looking forward to seeing where it takes her.

Enjoy the small, simple things in life, Ali.
Find the goodness in others.
And laugh like a maniac at least 10 times a day.

Follow my wise and highly sort after life tips (as stated above), and you’ll grow and blossom in this new stage of you life. Nothing can hold you back except yourself!

Love you to the moon and back,

xx Trouser Girl

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