The Art Expo


These two gremlins are two of my favourite people in the universe.

You could say if they had to have intestine operations, I was asked to be moral support, and I saw their innards, I’d be able to truthfully say I loved their guts.

I apologies if this imagery makes you light headed.

The truth is squeamish, people.

IMG_1696A week ago, the three of us went to the opening night of our town’ local Art Exposition as Anna and Matthew had entered art work into the youth section.

IMG_1692Anna entered this pencil drawing which she drew from still life.

IMG_1691Matthew entered the awesome painting of trees and colourful lights (underneath the dragon).

IMG_1705We had a great time wandering around the expo looking at the art everyone had entered.

There were several pieces I feel in love with and intend on stealing.

It’ll be like the Italian Job. Only Kate-style.

They’ll be lots of fluoro pink face paint and black clothing, folks.

IMG_1701After walking around for an hour, we snagged a seat and rested our feet.

Anna showed me her weird, inverted eye.

IMG_1702Then the Munchkin showed me his.

We past the time very pleasantly.


When award time came, Anna won first place and Matthew was given the Highly Commended badge. I was very proud of them.

When asked what he was going to do with his prize money, the Munchkin’s reply was, ‘Save it.’

Now there’s a painting genius after my own heart.

xx Trouser Girl

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