Yes Boss

Friday Celebrations

I have a list of Friday joys to share with you.

1. DJ’s fashionable vet collar came off today.

After 11 days, nine hours, ten minutes and seven seconds of cone induced pain for both myself and the Buffhead, it is finally off.

Angels sing: Hallelujah!!

DJ is relieved because he can now walk in a straight line.

I am relieved because I won’t have a collar cone up my butt every time DJ stands two inches behind me. Now there’s awkwardness for you.

May this photo become a distant memory.

2. Anna finished her dreaded school exams.

She text me this photo announcing their completion.

I believe partying in one’s unicorn onesie it is now the trendy way to celebrate your end of school exams.

3. I love my job.

This is the view from my current job location. Ain’t it nice?

I love clouds.

Have I ever mentioned that?

4. Despite strict anti-mobile work place rules, the Boss let me snap this photo while I mixed paint this morning.

Ello, paint squiggles!

5. Today is Friday and I woke up at 5.15 am.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I get to wake up at 6.15 am.

Life is good, people. Life is good.

Happy Friday!!

xx Trouser Girl

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