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My Vow Of Silence

IMG_1129Sometimes when I’m in a philosophical mood, I ponder on the validity of me having a ‘Photography’ page on my blog.

IMG_1191Obviously, it’s because I love photography, but its existence creates a philosophical conundrum.

IMG_1153When posting my photography snaps, what in heaven’s geraniums do I say about them??

IMG_1125Believe me when I say, there’s only so much you can say about flowers.

And seed pods.

And sunsets.

And dung loving flies resting on leaves.

IMG_1250Whatever can be said on the subject of plant life, sunsets, and seed pods, I’ve said it.

There is nothing left. Carpoot. Nada.

I’m now spending hours staring at my computer screen, scrapping the inner lining of my brain for adequate words to compliment my endless flora shots.

IMG_1377But no more!

From now on, I’m going to be like other photographers out there who are blogging; I will go against ever fiber, blood cell and muscle tendon of my weird writing being…

IMG_1279…I will say, NOTHING!

From this time hence, we will view photos of seed pods and flies in silence, they will speak for themselves and I will cease to painfully scrape the inner lining of my skull.

My brain thanks you at this time for your understanding.

Now, let us begin.







The End.

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