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The Shattered Glass Girl

Anna is doing an art project for school that requires some photography work. She wanted to work with broken glass (her project theme is broken/ruined). Our brother, who very handily now works at a hardware store, brought home a mirror that had smashed at work for us to use.

IMG_1001So began the experimentation.

IMG_1009It took us a while to figure out how to swing the set up, but once we did, we got some interesting shots.

IMG_1000I loved every minute of it. I was in Snappy Happy Heaven.

If you haven’t made a trip up there, you should.

They serve Brain Joy beverages.

IMG_0998I don’t know whether we hit the ruined theme on the head, but we had fun.

And where I come from, life is a ruined tragedy without it.

xx Trouser Girl

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