Squeaky Seventeen


On Monday, my sister turns 17.

Today, we drove up the coast to ‘climb’ Mutten Bird Island. She had no idea that we were in fact not climbing Mutten Bird Island and in actual fact she was swimming with a dolphin.

IMG_0930I pulled into the car park of The Pet Porpoise Pool on a pretense and broke the news to her. Her reaction was priceless and the Anna Goanna grin didn’t leave her face from that moment on.

IMG_0798It was a beautiful day to hang with some oceanic critters. You can’t help but like these graceful grey creatures.

IMG_0920This photo needs little commentary; Anna had a ball.

IMG_0774Even Mama Bear had some slobbery fun.

IMG_0776Matthew wasn’t having a bar of the wet kisses getting blown around….along with some fishy breath.

He was content to watch, thank you very much.


But the birthday girl got her dolphin dosage and was still smiling when we left.

So, Happy Birthday, Anna.

May your 17th year be a great one.

xx Love your big sister

P.S. We pulled a good one on you, didn’t we?!

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