Family · The Girl in Trousers


1. My sister is nine years my junior.

In other words I was nine when she was born.

I remember the day Dad call home from the hospital and told me I finally had a sister. I went around and told all the neighbours.
It was the kind of news one couldn’t keep to oneself.

2. My sister is the easiest person in the whole world to tease. 

Sometimes I feel bad about teasing her so much. Sometimes I wonder if I should be a nicer sister and not give her reason to say ‘Katie, you’re so mean!!’ all the time.

Then I think, ‘Nahhhhh. She loves it.’

3. My sister is smarter than me.

She is finishing Year 11 and has Year 12 around the corner, in exactly 32 days to be precise.

She tackles subjects I never touch during my education. She knows a lot of things I don’t. If I have a question about something, chances are she knows something about it.

It’s like having my own personal tutor.

Expect I don’t have to do homework.

4. My sister is one of the coolest people to be around.

She is my inner weirdo’s siamese twin.

The weirdness we bounce around when we’re together would weird you out.

Unless you’re weird too.

5. My sister is one of my best friends.

I love her guts.

I love her pimples.

I love her big family-inherited honker.

I also love her strange fat and thin toe appendages, which she thinks are well proportioned and I think are not.

And when you get down to discussing one another’s strange toe proportions, and can still say you love the other person, you know you’ve found someone worth sticking too.

For life.

Love you Anna Goanna!

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