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The Easiest Way to Hang Your Photos


Last year, when I was on top of my house work, dusted my bookshelves every fortnight, and had spare time for homemaking (those days are long, long gone), I decided to display some photos I’d recently taken.

I wanted to hang them some other way to the traditional picture frame. And because I’m such a dedicated, methodical homemaker, that some other way to be quick, easy, and inexpensive.


You can’t get any more quick, easy and inexpensive than wooden pegs and string. At the Reject Shop you’re looking at $2 for string and $3 for the 24 pegs.

IMG_0480Add some picture nails to hang the string on and an hour or two later you have a cool photo wall.


One thing I suggest is tapping straws to the back of your photos. This stops the corners from bending and curling over time.

IMG_0477The thing I like about this method is I can swop the photos over every few months to keep things interesting and hanging them close together gives it a collage feel.

IMG_0493Yo, Dj!

Don’t you think our photo wall is awesome?

It was a super brilliant idea of mine, eh bud?

I know you’re chuffed as a muffin to live in a house with such a photo wall.

IMG_0494Despite appearance, this is DJ’s way of saying he thinks string-and-peg photo hanging is the bomb.

He’s a just dude of few woofs.

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