Yes Boss

Perks Of The Job

I find there are many joys in being a trades person. There’s leisurely morning tea and lunch breaks, the view you get when working on a roof, the satisfaction of using one’s hands, the many canines friends you make, the smugness of knowing you’ll never step foot in a Gym and that receational sweating is an option one may raise one’s eyebrow at and say, ‘Hmmm….naaah.’

There’s also the joy of raiding the Boss’ cashew nut stash when one is peckish.

To name a few.

One of the best parts about my job is the laughs. Like the time Ali, the Retired Sidekick, filmed me straddling a veranda getting a mamma wedgie. Or the time I spent ten aggrivating minutes trying to screw a gutter to be told I had my drill in reverse. Or when the Boss forgot his fork and used a ring spanner to eat his chicken rice.

Just today during morning tea break I watched a video of kids getting their heads stuck in things and had trouble breathing I laughed so much.

As you can see my humour is highly sophisticated.

I have, to my great delight, developed the art of laughing.

At myself.

When you develope the art of laughing at yourself a world of joy opens its door to you. Instead of feeling embarrassed and mortified, laughter bubbles up your throat, eye wrinkles make your eyes shine and you breath out all that stale air they tell us we have in our lungs because we don’t breath deep enough.

It’s very hard for people not to smile at you when you’re laughing at yourself.

Yesterday, I was on the phone to my sister instructing her how to break into my house as she didn’t have her key copy to my front door. While educating my sibling on Burgulary 101, I was also putting new sand paper on my hand sander.

I then happily went back to work, sanded an entire door, door frame and window arch before I saw this.

I spent a good seven minutes laughing. It was the highlight of my day.

xx Trouser Girl

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