Movie Review: Inside Out

This movie is about the little voices in your head that take turns at Control Central..

Meet Riley, a kid who’s had an idyllic childhood so far. Now, zoom up into her head and meet Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Disgust, the emotions monitoring Riley’s life.

Joy is mostly in charge and the others look to her, but when Riley’s life gets upturned with a house move to the big city, Joy knows less and less about how to make every day a great one.

This movie was a pleasure to watch. I love how animations these days are made for both the young and the older. Inside Out is no exception to that rule. This film has a lot of humour and fun, but also a huge dosage of heart. If you’re are a fan of Up!, this movie’s gone one better.

So grab a kid or two and watch it. There’s GoofyLand and HockeyLand to save, Core Memories to rescue, and heartwarming life lessons to learn. This is a movie about finding your place in the world and mixing all those little voices in your head to make wonderful memories.

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