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The Forest, Buffhead and Me


Recently, DJ, the Buffhead, and I have been bush trekking.

IMG_0164The State Forest, five minutes drive from my house, has dozens of fire trails you can meander yourself and your canine along.

It’s only taken me twenty-five years to discover their existence.

IMG_0155The Boss told me about a dam he used to hang out at as a kid. Yesterday, we happened upon it.

IMG_0360On a weirdly related note, you’ve probably never seen a Fork and Knife plant before. One finds them in State Forests.

Now you know where your cutlery comes from.

IMG_0178The Buffhead loves our traipsing.

All those wallaby smells keep him on his toes.

IMG_0164If one was trying to find some inner peace, I reckon you’ll find it a forest of gumtrees.

When your dog stops chasing flies.

xx Trouser Girl

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