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The Last Melon


A chapter of my life has come to an end. Finished, wrapped up, concluded, accomplished or as the French like to say, ‘fini’.

CAM00918Yesterday was my last day at TAFE.


CAM00912(1)I’ve spent the last two and a half years learning my trade and yesterday I completed my painting course.

‘Goodbye cubicle!!’

CAM00917I’ve learned brush and roller technquies, all about paint finishes, stains, decorative effects, primers, metal and rust treatments, working at heights, using HPLV and airless guns and more.

‘Adios, wood grained door!!’

CAM00909I’ve spent the last two and a half years friendly competing with my classmates over who can turn out the better paint job.

‘Ta-ta, Chris!’


It’s been an good experience. I’m a better trades person for it.

Where else can you go to learn how to imitate marble with a sea sponge and artist brush?


I’ve been fortunate to have a teacher who wanted to see us succeed and put a lot of time into teaching us the art of turning out quality work.

A big thanks to Steve, my teacher, and John, the storeman.

Driving out of the car park on the very last day for the very last time, I felt like the dodos from Ice Age with their prized  fruit (before Sid did his victory dance and smashed it). In my case, instead of reverently ooing ‘the last melon…’, the words chanting in my head were, ‘the last day-the last day-the last day.’

It was a bit hard to do physically, but in my head I was Dodo-Sid, holding the melon, doing the victory dance and smashing it open. Life is meant to be cracked open and enjoyed.

Goodbye paint school!

Now I’m on to new things.

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