Ali The Sidekick

Gapping With Ali


This week I was no gapping veranda posts.

On a unrelated, but related point to this story, No Gaps, Gap Filler or any other version is the saviour of all tradesmen and women. It’s the bomb, man. It makes cracks, holes, and annoying air space slithers vanish like magic.

I am a personal fan. You would be too if you knew its awesomeness.

Okay, back to my story.

This week I was no gapping veranda posts.

When you use no gaps, the idea is to squeeze the wonder that is no gaps into cracks or holes to fill them. You then grab a finger (technically, this sentence is inaccurate as you can’t grab your own finger, but stay with me) and you smooth out the no-gap-filled crack so that the end result is a seamless, crackless finish.

There was something slightly wrong about that sentence.


While no gapping, I remembered a day when I was working with Ali, the Retired Sidekick.


This is Ali, the Retired Sidekick.

This one day I came across Ali no gapping whatever we were working on. What made me stop was that instead of grabbing one finger to smooth out the no gaps, Ali had used every finger. She had no gaps covering her whole hand!

When asked why she didn’t just use one finger to do all the smoothing, thus saving her other fingers from the gooeyness that is no gaps (my curiosity knows no bounds), she just shrugged and got back to her no gapping job.

Ali had taught me many things. One of them being that with everything there’s more than one way to gap a hole!

The end.

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