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When I Scare People

IMG_0056On Tuesday, I posted this photo.

What I didn’t tell you was what happened afterwards.

After I snapped this photo we all walked back towards to the Infomation Centre before setting out on our rainforest walk. Mum went over to the info board to have a look at the different walks we could do. She got chatting to this nice man and lady who were also working out which path to take.

You know those moments when you’re waiting around and your eyes  wander over average, ordinary and sometimes boring things because you have nothing else to do?

Well, there I was looking back at the Info Cenre to see if the others were coming, looking up at the sky to see if it would rain, looking at the trees because I like trees, at the cafe off to the side of the Info Centre, and when I had exhausted all other options I did what everyone does when there’s nothing else to look at.

I looked at the ground.

Usually the ground is the boringest thing around.

On Saturday, it wasn’t.

When I looked at the ground, on that particularly day, at that particular moment, I looked down at the man’s feet, the one Mum was talking to, and in doing so I saw behind him, less then a foot away-


Now in case you get the wrong impression, I’m not scared of snakes. I think they’re fascinating, especially the feel of their skin. Snakes are super cool. This doesn’t stop me getting a heart jump-start every time I see one. They always pop up when I’m least expecting them.

So, there I was, I saw the snake, I yelled ‘SNAKE!’, Mum, the man and lady quite literally jumped out of their skin, jerked around, tripped, stumbled and rushed away from it. In slow motion it would have been tremendously funny.

I did such a good job of startling everyone that the man, who had a very long scarf on, tripped on his scarf and ended up in a heap on the ground.

By the time this all had happened, the snake, who’d lazily crossed the road (Haha. Get it? Er…never mind) had disappeared. He hadn’t been in any way fazed by the humans leaping around him like their pants were on fire.

The most exciting thing about the whole event was it was my first sighting of a red belly black snake, which as it happens is on the list of 10 most poisonous snakes in Australia.

Their bite is generally not fatal, but the key word is generally.  This was why I yelled.

I didn’t have time to snap his pic (what with all the other humans leaping about), but this is what red belly black snakes look like.

Looks kind of evil, huh?

There’s something about the colours red and black that re-affirms your healthy respect for poisonous reptiles.


One thought on “When I Scare People

  1. Our leaping, jumping and prancing together with heart-stopping exclamations made up for the couples lack of enthusiasm for the ‘so called’ skywalk (they were expecting grand walks around the tree tops). They won’t forget this event in a hurry.

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