The Girl in Trousers

A Day on the Tablelands

11168583_478321268993317_4260886298041175506_oOn Saturday I went for a walk with this happy bunch of youngies.

It was chilly on the tablelands. Can you tell?

IMG_0064Howdy, Mama Bear!

Nice scarf.

IMG_0098The rainforest was beautiful.

There’s something about a still, dank, moist rainforest. It calms the soul.


This is my new home.

Please send your mail pigeons to ‘Kate, the Tarzan Girl of Dorrigo Rainforest’.

They’ll know where to find me.

IMG_0122If only I could tell the early Australian explorers that one day there would be luxurious, carpeted bridges through the jungle.

I’d love to see their faces.


Check out this vine out. It was massive.

When my siblings and I were kids, we used to swing on vines on my parents’ property. If only we had one like this beauty.


Meet Peggy and Aileen.

They’ve known me all my life, seen me in nappies and probably remember a time when I had snot dribbling down my face and into my mouth.


We’ve been friends ever since.


On a related note, this is my attempt at a group shot. After setting my camera up, I had two seconds to get in the picture with everyone else.

I very, un-nessessarily squished up against Bruce.

His expression makes me laugh.

Hope you had a good Tuesday!

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