Ali The Sidekick

Five Reasons to Love This Photo


This was taken a week ago when Anna Goanna and I went on a road trip to visit friends. I really love this photo. Let me state my reasons.

1. Ali, the Retired Sidekick, looks super cute.

She always does, but on this particular day, she surpassed her normal cuteness.

2. I look super casual.

It’s how I like to approach life.

3.This photo makes me want to give it a name.

I’m thinking ‘The Brunette and the Ranga’.

I think it says it all.

4. We both look young.

Like four or five years younger than we actually are.

I’m going to say this represents our souls.

5. I don’t need a reason to love this photo.

Cos, I love the girl standing next to me.

xx Trouser Girl

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