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Then This Happened…

For me, this year is probably one of the busiest years in the last decade of my life. I’m working full-time as an almost fledged tradie (one more year of my apprenticeship to complete), I’ve taken on a couple of big projects for my church which require time and mental Kate juice, I’m saving and planning for two big overseas trips (‘big’ being the operative word to describe the expense of travel in this day and age, ‘overseas’ being the operative word for my destination…over the sea….ehm….sorry, I’m in one of those moods), and I’ve started teaching drum lessons. This is on top of all my usual activities; my hundred and one hobbies, my sewing projects, my blog, my music, my photography, the never ending house work, the never ending grocery shopping, my need for 8.4 hours of sleep if I hope to function as a human being (which when you have a lot on your plate is remarkably tricky to achieve as in your attempt to squeeze a few more precious hours out of the day, you stay up late thus nullifying your original goal of functioning as a human being), the weekly verbal reminders to my brother and housemate that our front lawn may or may not be projecting the image ‘hobo’ to the world with its two feet long grass.

(I would like to take this moment to reassure you that my front lawn, at this specific moment in time, does not project the image ‘hobo’ as it was very recently (as of yesterday) mowed. I must point out that I can not speak for how my front lawn will look in exactly one week’s time. These things are beyond my foresight.)

So, yes. A busy year.

11093823_1049971208364514_1407163773_nAnd then this happened…

11180137_1049927575035544_1329561702_nAnd this happened…

11169029_1049927548368880_983720168_nAnd this happened…

If it’s still a little unclear, let me explain.

I adopted a dog. A very big dog. One could say when I got all out, I go all out. One could say when I got big, I take the word very, very literally.

Meet DJ. The very big, but very sweet new resident of my house, my life and my time.

It’s not very surprising to mention that within the last two weeks that he’s been living with me, a lot of the business of my life has gone out the proverbial window. Everything I’ve done has been dog related. One could say I’ve taken my role as dog owner very seriously. I’ve been rising at the crack of dawn (literally, we’ve been getting up at 5 AM) to go for a walk, educating him everyday to heel, sit, and come, going for beach trips in the afternoon, traipsing to the vet for routine checkups, booking him in for tick baths, braving the pet store to wander down aisles in a marveling daze at the all things one might procure for one’s fury canine.

(On a relevant side note, who knew that there were ten different styles of dog poop bag to choose from? They all accomplish the same task (that is to collect poop), but depending on your mood you have the choice of five different colours, plus six different deluxe pattern styles. Fancy a love heart look? What about some skulls? How about getting little bones printed on your poop scooping bags?

I have discovered pet stores are a wonderland world in themselves. One can’t help but wonder as one wanders through them. And the more one wanders, the more one wonders. Thus, pet stores are wonderland worlds where a lot of wondering and wandering happens.


I’ll be good now.)

11093823_1049971208364514_1407163773_nThe upside of this sudden life change is that I have acquired a very beautiful friend. Yes, my laundry pile might be bigger than usually, my music practise non-existent and that unfinished dress I’ve been sewing is likely to stay unfinished for a while longer, but look at him.

I don’t think I need say more.

However I can’t leave without informing you that despite other aspects of my life coming to a complete stand still, I have been getting my 8.4 hours sleep. Every night.

Rising before the rooster will do this to you.

xx A happy Girl In Trousers


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