Dirt to Red Brick Road

Last year I started documenting the garden/deck project my parents are undertaking. It’s been quite a long on-going project (and the long on-goingness of it is in no way due to my lazy documentation – absolutely none).

You may want to have a quick look at the last two installments:

The Garden Deck
Deck Beams and Posts


This is what the garden looked like last year. The deck was part of my brother’s Year 12 school project.

Because my camera has hidden in the wardrobe for a few months and my phone’s camera been impersonating Frozone from the Incredibles, what you’re about to see is some dramatic project hopping stages.


This was the deck without a roof.

It sprung from the ground randomly over night. True story.


This is the deck with a roof, gutter and metal barge. I don’t have a photo of it finished without all the ladders and planks, but the finish product looks pretty much like this.


With a couple of creature comfits.


Now back to the garden of dirt. Last year it looked like this.


Now it looks like this.


I was working on the project with the Boss on the day this photo was taken. Instead of cutting up bricks to fit the gaps, the Boss decided we’d fill them with white rocks.

‘Can’t have it looking too perfect,’ he said. ‘Otherwise, people point out the flaws in your attempt.’

So we made it imperfect. My family doesn’t do perfection. If you know them, you’d understand this warped bit of logic.


I really like the brick look.

It compliments my boots.

(I apologies for sneaking a picture of my feet into this post. It’s a mental illness of mine.)


Here is the paving from a different angle.

Eventually the inner circle is going to be turned into a garden bed. Right now the Boss’ bee wax melting frame is sunning itself where Mum plans on growing flowers.


This is the start of a garden bed.


Here’s another.

CAM00861This one’s been started, complete with bird bath.


It’s coming together, slowly.

The famous motto in my family is ‘Things get done……eventually’.

When I was a kid, we had brick work built into to the family house to hold a fireplace. Ten years later, the chimney and the fire place was installed. This should give you an idea of how my family operates.

We perversely enjoy prolonged anticipation.

It makes one’s accomplishments all the more sweeter.

One thought on “Dirt to Red Brick Road

  1. I love this progress documented like this. It expresses just how far we’ve come …. slowly. Thanks Kate.

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