My New Bathroom

Half a millennium ago, I posted this photo.

IMG_9586Cozy, huh?

It’s been two months since this scared room was remodeled, so I thought I’d walk you through the transformation.

IMG_9805First the plumbing was installed and the walls went back on.

IMG_9813The shower track went in and the wet sealing made it all nice and grey.

IMG_9820Concrete followed.

IMG_9827Lots of concrete.

IMG_9846Down went the floor tiles…

IMG_9850Up went the wall tiles and away I went for a week of TAFE.

When I came back….

11005596_10153041037494693_1900992562_nWell…it sort of looked like this. I cleaned it up and added the accessories, because I’m a girl and girls clean and girls also know rooms look only half as good without accessories.

We had to wait a couple of weeks for the shower glass and vanity mirror to arrive.

Ever tried NOT to splash water around when you have no shower glass?

It’s an acrobatic feat.

IMG_0039So today, half a millennium later, I bring you the transformed product.

I know have a very modern looking shower.

IMG_0038A very non-petal pink toilet.

IMG_0040And a cute vanity and mirror.

Having at last seen the pinnacle of Mount Bathroom Renovation, I confess my response to such transformed beauty was, ‘Let’s NEVER do this again!’

Who knew so much mental juice would be slurped dry with the decisions of which towel rail, vanity top, toilet holder, floor tiles, wall tiles, shower taps, vanity taps, *DEEP BREATH*, and toilet system to choose. If you could have seen the inside of my brain after this was all complete, it would have resembled the skin of a sun dried banana; chewy and wrinkled.

Then the Boss says to me. ‘We’ll do the kitchen renos next. Then we’ll put a deck out the back and maybe sometime in the future, add a room under the house.’

Someone please decapitate my mental juice supply while I’m still sane.
xx The Renovation-Fearing Trouser Girl

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