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Movie Review: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

It’s a rare for thing for me to fall in love with a TV series and then re-fall in love with the second series. Usually, by the time the second season comes out, I’ve lost interest or find, much to my disappointment, that the second season is a gigantic flop.

Here is my exception: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Not only is this TV show a delight to watch, beautifully filmed and based in Australia, (which in itself is very refreshing for this Aussie girl), the second season follows the first without a single hitch or disappointment.

Set in the 1920’s, Miss Fisher has charisma, charm and wit enough to wrap everyone around her little finger (in the best sort of way), including Detective Jack Robinson, who bewilderingly finds her popping in whenever there’s an case to solve. With her gold pistol and pearl handle knife, she has a knack for puzzles and a nose for intrigue.

Not the sort to stay at home and keep house, you’re far more likely to find the Honourable Phryne Fisher snooping for clues, charming information out of suspects, or even scaling downpipes to do a little break and enter.

One of the things I like about this series is how likeable the characters are. They’re all wonderfully developed and for me, really make the series come alive.

Two of my favourites are Constable Collins and Dot, Miss Fisher’s companion and maid. They’re both adorable, especially since their tentative romance is so shy and awkward it creates hilarious mini moments that have you laughing and ‘awwwwing’ at the same time. The way Miss Fisher none-too-subtly sets them up will also have you chuckling.

Simply put, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries are pure enjoyment. It receives five stars from me.

Here’s the trailer:

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