The Girl in Trousers

Life On My Phone

It’s fun to look through your phone’s photos. It’s like looking through a diary.

The photos on my phone are a random collection of pics I snap to send to friends or when I don’t have my camera handy.

CAM00843Here I’m learning the art of wallpapering at painter’s school.

Wadya think?

CAM00844Ever been with a bunch of guys trying to master the art of wallpaper?

It’s hilarious.


Last month, I went to a youth camp weekend and we had meetings on the beach. It was a great way to kick start the year.


While there, Anna Goanna and I came across this mad beach hut someone made.


The possibilities of a mound of sand are endless.

20150130_151042Here’s a fuzzy pic of Len the Plumber renovating my bathroom.

CAM00845Apart from the shower screen, which is on its way, my bathroom is almost complete.

20150214_211955Okay. Now, it’s almost complete.

One must never underestimate the personal touch of one’s bathroom.

20150221_105312This is a dress I’m in the process of sewing.

From now on, you may call me Dar Purple Lady.

20150222_182812I often find notes and little drawings from my sister, who stays over at my house on the weekend.

Meet Little George. Isn’t  ‘ee dooorgus!?

20150215_175831I have a running cooking/pic conversation with one my buddies in New Zealand. He sends me photos of the chicken and rice, or beef and veggie meals he lovingly labours over.

I send him photos of the bowls of Two Minute Noodles I consume.

20150220_113118If Two Minute Noodles didn’t exist, life would be a dark and scary place.

xx Trouser Girl

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