My Blogging Highlights: 2014

Every now and then, I look back through my blog archives. It’s like looking through a photo album, except with blogging you often get the story behind the photo. It’s something I love doing because it reminds me of all the beautiful, happy, hilarious, touching things that happened in my life. This is why I blog. Because remembering captured moments in life is a precious and holy thing in my sight. Amen.

I thought I’d recap some of the posts of 2014. Just ‘cos I feel like it. Just ‘cos it’s super fun.

All of these posts triggered gleeful, eye crinkling memories for me. Some of them had me in stitches.

So here’s the list.

Some of these posts are just plain, downright, apologetically weird. You may find yourself overwhelmed. You may have to go lie down for a while after reading them. In extreme cases, I recommend a cup of dandelion herbal tea and a dose of the serious and very non-weird 7 o’clock News.

1. Egg Attack
2. New Ways to Be Weird
3. Where’s Kate?
4. The Squat Poem
5. Twenty-five: The Year of the Kid
6.The Foot Poem

xx Trouser Girl

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