A Quote for Friday: ‘I Tried To Be Normal’

I have a personal story that completely relates with this quote.

When I was a teen, I had a child-like sense of humour.

(I still do. I’m currently in my second childhood.)

In my opinion there’s nothing the matter with seeing the world through the eyes of a kid, but when you’re a sixteen-year-old everything’s about being cool, dude.

All the girls I knew had this pretty, tinkering laugh that could stop and start like a cassette player. I on the hand, in the thoes of my child-like humour, would go into hysterical laughing fits about things no one else found funny. Or maybe they did, but somehow they could turned the laughter off after 4.5 seconds.

After receiving a number of ‘Are you okay??,’ and ‘Really?? It wasn’t that funny’ looks from friends I saw a couple of times a year, I decided to try it their way; the tinkering 4.5 second way.

I tried it for a week.

I was miserable for a week.

I swore never to do it ever again at the end of that week.

I’ve been hysterically cackling every since that fatal week I tried to be like everyone else.

No one’s normal. Be yourself.

It’s so much more fun.


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