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Too Old For Carousels

I’m currently on the Gold Coast with my sister on a mini road trip/theme park marathon. We’re doing three theme parks in three days, doing a big rope course and climbing Mt Warning.

Yesterday was the first day of our trip and we went to Sea World. I have very fond memories of Sea World as a kid. My family went when I was sixteen and I remember loving it. They had this awesome little roller coaster my brother and I went on 50 trillion times, but that wasn’t the true highlight for me.

The real show steal was the carousel. I have a long, dreamy history with carousels. My parents once took me to a fair when I was five and they say all I wanted was to ride the painted horses the whole night.

Last time I went to Sea World I reunited with my love of carousels. From memory, I went on it six or seven times. It didn’t matter that I was a teenage and it probably wasn’t cool to ride a carousel obsessively. I was in heaven.

So this time around, I was super excited about returning to Sea World and bonding once again with its shiny, coloured horses, and when we got there, it was the very first ride I pulled Anna towards.

I was ready to zone into circular bliss. I was going to choose a really pretty horse and pretend it was real. It was going to be wonderful! We were in the line. No, wait, we were next up. Oh, happy day!

And then the ride lady stopped us.

And we got interrogated.

It seems there is an age limit for carousels. Or Sea World carousels, at least.

To say this news turned my world upside down is to say all the bees of the world became astronauts and in their bee wax space shuttles, left earth to find an unpolluted planet on which to set up their new colony.

It was big news and I was devastated.

FullSizeRenderWe were allowed on, but not to ride the pretty horses. We had sit in the sleigh.

We had to longingly watch kids have all the fun.

One screaming kid ruined the ambiance. Totally.

The ride completed a full circle ONCE and then it was over!

It went so……..slow………ly.

The times of carousels have changed, my friends. I may be grinning in the above photo, but really, my heart was breaking with each snail paced millisecond I spent on that carousel.

After our LESS-THAN-ONE-MINUTE ride, I exited it a changed person.

The world has ended. The bee have taken a giant step for bee kind and left us behind. Never did I anticipate this day coming.

For now we live in an era where you can be……*moment of  grieving silence*…….too old to ride a carousel.

xx The Mourning Trouser Girl


One thought on “Too Old For Carousels

  1. How very sad Kate. There should an adult size horse for lovers of carousels like you. Do you know that it was actually at Sea World when you where five was the time you spent most of the visit on the carousel? If only you had that picture to show the carousel lady. She would have been sure to let you on then…maybe not, OH&S strikes again.

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