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Orangeness, Webby Wonder and Garden Hoses

Two things happened today.

Firstly, I became toilet-less. As in, my bathroom got gutted, pipes got hacked up and my pink 50’s toilet is now a broken ceramic pile in my front yard.

All this leaves one without vital internal plumbing.

The second thing that happened was this:


My new Canon EF 100m macro lens has arrived.

Since I can’t sprout lens terminology at you, I will just disclose at this time that I’m super excited about this lens, having waited to buy it for a over a year now.

So, of course, as soon as I ripped open the box, I scanned the horizon for subjects to snap.

(I also cackled in gleeful photographic happiness, but then, I am related in spirit to Count from Sesame Street.)


The weeds in my back yard have no where to hide now.

IMG_9487Even weeds can look good with a super dooper new macro lens.

IMG_9500I’m still going to weed kill  ’em though.

IMG_9507I then went over the road to my lovely neighbour to ask if she’d lend me the use of her vital internal plumbing for a couple of days.

She was watering her flower bed.

I did some more cackling.

IMG_9511Ahhhh….the beauty of orangeness.

IMG_9503The webby wonder of spiders.

IMG_9528And the water droppiness of my neighbour’s garden hose.

IMG_9501Put these three things together and bambo.

I’m in heaven.


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