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Wire Brushes and Ferrules


I’m back at work. Too soon if you ask me. Far too soon, if you ask my groaning body as today it hefted tretles around.

An afternoon rain shower gave me a early mark and after I zombie drove myself home, jelly exited myself from the car and gold fishly turned on the tap to start cleaning up my brushes, I started laughing.

I laughed because my wire brush reminded me of a Ali The Sidekick story. I thought I’d share it.

An Ali the Sidekick Story

I once found Ali cleaning up our brushes at the end of a work day. She was being very dilligent about it and it was pretty clear that she wasn’t satisfied with the job even when I suggested that the brushes were clean enough.

After a few seconds of watching her vigorously wire brush brushes:

Kate: ‘Ali, can I ask what you’re trying to do?’
Ali: ‘Get the paint off.’
Kate: ‘It is off.’
Ali: ‘No, it isn’t! Look!’
*Shows me the paint on the ferrule*
Kate: ‘Um, it’s the paint on the bristles that we try to get off with the wire brush, not the ferrule.
Ali: ‘I thought we did!’
Kate: ‘Nope. You need a scraper for the ferrule, not a wire brush. Have you been trying to clean the ferrule all the time you’ve been working with us?’
Ali: ‘ YES!!’

Darn, I love that girl.

She makes me laugh even when she’s not around.


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