Nine Quotes for the New Year

It’s a little way off yet, and we haven’t even been on the Christmas Day dinosaur ride yet, but I’ve found some quotes to kick start the new year with.

f9af94cee7f55604bc8d488f96361c78Start the year by breaking a habit, behaviour or thought pattern, replace it with a new one and see what opens up for you.

8004029_2343033_lzBe a mermaid, not a fish and you’ll find….

wedding-dress-shoppingCross my heart.

93ebf2d26b06d3d9ca95bb6822474621De-busy your life by focusing on what’s important.

42db1b8c911cf8c73e06ce80ad919f97Make laughter your hobby.

782a699bca6e0e3aa2cc3c352bce8374Talk to someone quiet and shy and show them your genuinely interest.


Be a good friend and be grateful for your friends.

433fb92f993e52e38186fed82b9a6632Say the word ‘bubbles’. A lot.

And lastly…..

c3cd09b15bf1e0f9931d6dae92b32407Merry Christmas, guys.

I hope you have a relaxing, cheerful Christmas with the people you love.

xx Trouser Girl

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