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B-Hobo Bag by Kelly Moore


If you’ve ever wondered why most camera bags usually come in one style (ugly) and one shape (bulky), there is one website you should visit before you die the owner of a ugly and bulky camera bag- Add it to your Bucket list.

Kelly’s bags are geeee-orgous. They have style, they have colour, they have all the space you need to take your camera and gear on an outing.

My all time favourite and the bag I drool over in my dreams is the B-Hobo bag.


It has a removable compartment basket and movable dividers so you can rearrange the bag the way you want.


The removable basket means you get two bags in one; a camera bag and a normal handbag.

B-Hobo-Grassy-Green_1024x1024The B-Hobo bag comes in a few colours: Green




BhoboGrey_front_1024x1024And grey. I have an obsession with the grey B-Hobo bag. This bag is on my Bucket List. I have taken a vow to own it before I cark it.

Bhobogrey_lifestyle_1024x1024If you’re looking for the perfect camera bag, check out Kelly’s site. She has a lot of different bags for different occasions and camera needs.

The reviews are very good for the B-Hobo bag and the design is beautiful. Say goodbye to ugly and bulkiness, and hello to Kelly Moore Bags.

Who says we photographers can’t snap in style?


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