Yes Boss

Navigating The Amazon

Sometimes my job takes me to interesting places.

I’m currently in the Amazon, painting decorative art work on trees as part of a scientific study of how the local Emperor Tamarin monkeys react to colour.


So maybe that story’s a bit of a giraffe, but the Amazon bit is spot on.

wpid-cam00773.jpgSee? I have photographic proof. That slither of eave you see is my workable surface. All those bush and leafy things are my enemy-senemies. Fighting my way through this lot brought out the inner arsonist in me.

Here’s what’s happened to me on my trip in Amazon Land so far:

1. Been poked by spiky twigs.
2. Tripped over wrinkled tarp (due to excessive plant life).
3. Been poked by pointy leaves.
4. Had my hat knocked off. Twice.
5. Donked my noggin on hanging pots.
6. Had three spiders air bomb me.
7. Had one extremely fury (and no doubt itchy) grub air bomb me.
8. Had leaves fall in my paint bucket.
9. Had my eyes poked out by spiky twiggs AND pointy leaves.
10. Sweated my way through 200 degrees of leafy humidity.



What’s your Thursday been like?

On a completely unrelated, yet slightly related note, I think Emperor Tamarin monkeys are the cutest monkeys in existence.

These monkeys know how to rock a groovy mooostash!

xx Trouser Girl

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