The Perfect Boots

98b4e22481ea9499d68f461e2fb8b2d5I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of boots for months. Not that I can afford the true genuine leather sort at this stage in my life, but a while ago I became obsessed with finding the perfect boots for when I CAN afford them.

And here they are. My dream boots. Corral’s Honey Fango/Bronze Glitter Collar and Wing Tip Boot.

Country Outfitter have some amazing boots, for just about every style, taste and quirky flare you could possible have.


If you were in the mood for some pink, these might do the trick.


Maybe shaggy is more your style?


3c53545d8a914c1eb8392f2e321ea5d7Oooo…what about stars?

27458-DEFAULT-lOr scaly Aztec…?

98b4e22481ea9499d68f461e2fb8b2d5Despite all that variety, these beauties are the ones that grab me. Perfect for everyday, match any outfit, practical with a bit of perzars.

Unfortunately, Country Outfitter don’t ship to Australia…yet. They have expressed an intention to widen their shipping scope in the future so here’s hoping!

And now to save those pennies…


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