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Fifteen-Minute Meal: Homemade Pizza


Homemade pizzas are one of my favourite meals to whip up when I’m hungry and feeling lazy.

The great thing about homemade pizzas is there’s a million and one things to use as toppings and the only thing stopping you is your imagination.

I made these pizzas for my sister and I today and wanted to share their delicious goodness with you. You can really add anything you have in the fridge, but here’s what I used to make mine.


Lebanese Bread, white or wholemeal
Your favourite pasta sauce
Carrot, grated
Zucchini, sliced
Canned pineapple chunks
Parmesan Cheese

You could add:
Sun-dried tomatoes
Spinach leaves
Cooked meats
Canned corn
And more….


Place the lebanese bread on a tray and spoon pasta sauce over the bread. Place and sprinkle whatever toppings you like over the bread. Finish with the cheese of your choice and pop in a pre-heated oven for no more than 10-15 minutes. Anymore oven time and the bread base starts to get very crunchy and burn.

That’s it! It’s done.

Homemade pizzas are a cheap, satisfying and healthy meal for those time-poor, hungry moments. Definitely give this recipe a try when you’re not in the mood to slave over a stove, but still want something tasty.

Hope you enjoy it!

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