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Housekeeping: My Blog’s New Look!

I would like to make an announcement. But first:

Have-ya-noticed, have-ya-noticed, have-ya-noticed??!!!!!

Yes! My blog has a new look! Don’t you think my new look is so awesomely awesome it rocks all things awesome???


I apologies for this public display of child-like enthusiasm, but this is a bit of a dream come true. I’ve been longing for a cool blog look for almost as long as I’ve been blogging.

Mostly, I’ve been too technically challenged to do anything about it. We are talking about a girl who’s only bought two mobile phones in her lifetime and has owned a smart phone only because friends gave her their old one.

IMG_8369The one who has made my dream a reality is this chickadee. The strange, tissue-hair-drying Anna Goanna.

It has all come about because Anna has been doing a week of work experience for school. Having just finished year ten, she’s spent the last few days with my aunt, who is a graphic designer. When I found out this event was to happen, I quickly volunteered my blog for experimentation in the name of high school work experience education.

Twois rather clever of me, don’t you think?

Before this week, my blog was a WordPress standard look with a few tweaks in colour, plus background image.

10816201_954529687908667_343425222_nNow look at it!

*Dreamily stares at her awesomely awesome blog*

All this week, Anna’s been Facebook messaging me and sending me examples of her work to get my feedback.


This was an earlier design.

She made another with a painter’s hat on it and I asked if she could put the hat on the camera girl.



cropped-kate-newest-blog_header_final5.jpgBefore I knew it, we had camera girl, plus hat, plus pretty blue background, plus dripping paint and tins (which by the way is not symbolic of my painting ability and skill).

I’d like to take this moment to thank Lisa from Daley Creative for taking on my sister, despite certain hair-drying techniques, for a week of work experience (and thus teaching her how to make my blog awesome) and Anna, for being a year ten high school student, attending mandatory work experience week, choosing to do it with Lisa (and thus learning how to make my blog awesome).

I love the graphics. I love the font. I love the colours. I love, love, looooooove it!

Thanks little sis!

xx The Happy Chappy Trouser Girl

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