About Me

G’day! I’m Kate.

I’m an Aussie third year painting apprentice (of the house paint variety), living in a small town a hop from the beach (which I never go to, ha!) and skip from the countryside (which I adore).


I’m the eldest of six kids.

100_0802Matthew, the Munchkin, came late in the scheme of things. His arrival cancelled our six month Europe trip.

He was worth it.

10456055_10152488616519693_1576163831786663050_nMy dad is a seasoned tradie.

He’s the kind of dad who had regular wrestle matches with us as kids and gave us karate chop massages before bedtime. His specialty is trailer rides and non-Aussie accents (he rings up friends and pretends to be foreign people).

I call him the Boss.

IMG_6599My mum is Super woman.

She homeschooled us kids, took me to dance class, peep talked me through my teens, and likes every post I put on this blog.

She also signs all my weekly pay cheques.

She’s indispensable.


Mostly, I’m a goof.

Sometimes I’m serious, but I can’t promise anything.

I like to laugh too much.

About My Blog

I write about my family, who I love to bits.
I write movie reviews, when they’re good.
I write book reviews, when I get the time to read.
I write poetry, that may or may not technically rhymn or make sense.
My new addiction is photography and I try to take my DSLR everywhere with me.

Blogging keeps me sane….well sane-ish. It gives me an outlet for my writing, my photography, and my inner weirdness.

Thanks for allowing me to share!

I’m a bad joke teller, but I hope something on this blog brightens your day.

Love ya!


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