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Manual Mode and Me


I’ve cracked the hippocampus!

IMG_8628Found the City of Gold!

Discovered the pirate’s booty of treasure!

Well…in camera terms anyway.

IMG_8535As of this week, after a year of owning my SLR, I have figured out how to take photos on manual mode that:

A. Aren’t blurry.
B. Washed out.
Or C. Look like the photo equivalent one of those paintings they make by dropping paint bombs from a crane.

IMG_8637These photos show case my newly acquired skills.

Wadya think?

I am now like a giddy baby with too many dummies to choose from and only one mouth to gummy chew them with.

IMG_8529The sky is my limit!
(Unless I win a trip in a NASA space shuttle.)

My creativity knows no bounds!
(Until the sun goes behind a cloud and I scratch my head wondering how to use ISO.)

IMG_8645The bottom line is, no insect is safe now that I’ve conquered MAAANUAL MOOOODE!

Until they fly away.


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