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Kate And Ali’s Photoshoot


Last month, Ali and I had a friendship photo shoot. It was a celebration of our 25th birthdays, but mainly in honour of our friendship which began back when we were 14, freckled, sported bad haircuts and said the words ‘like’ and ‘you know’ fifty million times in one sentence.

Eleven years on, we’re a quarter of a century old, have less freckles, better haircuts and only use the words ‘like’ and ‘you know’ thirty millions times.

Things can only get better.


Our photo shoot was done by the lovely Ali Russell of Live, Laugh & Love Photography. She made the experience a fun and comfortable one.

The three of us did a lot of laughing through the whole session.


There’s nothing like spending time with a friend.


And to me, this one’s pretty special.


Just look at that face.

Don’t you think she has ‘special’ shining from those pearly wirly teeth?

KateAli065This girl has seen me at my worse, been a patient listener of my woes, given me sound advice on numerous occasions, and made me aspire to be a better person.

She’s also seen me in some excessively baggy and stretched pajamas pants and never judged.

This is the mark of a true friend.

KateAli068We brought quite a few props for the shoot and even acquired a passing canine friend.KateAli095

All the props were symbolic of one aspect or another of our past eleven years together.

The cards game here represents similar games at every church camp we’ve ever been too.

Ali’s enthusiasm for cards on such occasions knows no limit.

KateAli091That face says it all.

KateAli088Try to guess what mine says.


Look at my face. Now look at Ali’s.

I don’t think I need to say more.

KateAli106The last part of our session was for a more recent bit of nostalgia. A time I’ve documented here on my blog:

The days when Ali was my Awesome Work Pal Side-kick.


And what better way to remember those days than with a good ol’ paint fight!

KateAli123I’d like to state for the record that I was able to paint pelt Ali just as much as she did me.

However, my paint was pink and hardly shows. Thus, this is why I look like I’m being a tad slaughtered.

KateAli128In the process of visually appearing to be slaughtered, but in practice giving as good as I got, Ali gouged my eye out with a brush full of paint.

It’s a very good thing we did this at the very end of the photo shoot.

I was blind and weeping from this point onwards.


I did, however, leave my tormentor with a paint caked side-beard.


Now that I can remember the awkwardly-sticky-and-paint-splattered-post-photo-shoot drive home from the comfort of my bedroom, I’d like to make few electronic toasts.

Here’s to the people who stick with you for the long haul.

Here’s to laughter, fun and turning a quarter of a century old.

Here’s to the invention of the camera, to document your moments with the people you love.

Here’s to the special gift called friendship.

And lastly, here’s to that person in you life who can handle seeing you represent the wrinkly Loxodonta elephant in your saggy pajamas, understanding that there’s nothing like baggy PJ freedom.

Find those kinds of people. Keep ’em. Hang onto them. Poke them in the eye with a brush full of paint.

And spend the next quarter of a century showing them how much you love ’em.

I love ya, Ali girl!

xx Trouser Girl

One thought on “Kate And Ali’s Photoshoot

  1. Love, Love, Love these photos!!!! You two girls are so very special! I am happy you have had and will continue to have such good times together. Absolutely Priceless.

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