James Boy


IMG_8231This is my brother, James.

He’s one of my three invisible brothers who rarely make an appearance on my blog because they hate me pointing a camera in their general vicinity.

Two and a half weeks ago, I cornered James at Ali and Andrew’s wedding rehearsal and had him at my photographic mercy.

IMG_8232I think I told a cool joke to make him grin.

He’s grinning because my cool joke was so awesome I gave him side stitches.

And eye wrinkles. And chest juggles.

He’s not grinning because he thinks I’m seriously mental and can’t crack a joke to save the wall of China.

No siree.

IMG_8251The reason Jamesy Boy was at the wedding rehearsal was because he was the music box. Or in other terminology, the violinist ushering the bride and bridesmaids down the aisle.

Playing the violin is one of his many talents.

When we were kids, he could do amazing voice impersonations. We used to get him to say funny and iconic lines from movies.

Like Buzz from Toy Story.

‘To infinity…and beyond!!’

If I begged him to talk like Buzz Lighting today, he’d look at me and say, ‘Kate, I am no longer a juvenile child infatuated with demonstrating my ability to speak like comedic movie characters.’

He’s always had a way with words.

IMG_8252He may only give me two hugs a year, (birthday and Christmas), have better accents than me (all mine sound Indian), and deny me photo-taking pleasure, but this boy is my bro.



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