Boss, the Bee Keeper

IMG_8284The Boss is a bee keeper.

A bee keeper is the Boss.

When the Boss isn’t the Boss Boss, and the bees need a keeper keeper, the Boss is the Boss Boss of the Bee Bees.

Anyhoo…moving on.

IMG_8292I happened upon Boss the Bee Keeper last weekend.

He was looking for his queen bee.

It’s something bee keepers do.

IMG_8289All those humming bees brought back memories from my teenage-hood.

Like the times I smoked bees while Dad stole honey.

Or helped extract honey in our living room and got sticky honeyed feet.


Or held a sheet out under a tree limb with my brother, while Dad shook a swam of bees into said sheet.

Or running madly up the hill, away from sheet-captured bees, yelping as we got stung repeatedly by angry, vengeful bees.

IMG_8283It may have been a tad painful at times.

I may or may not have groaned when Boss the Bee Keeper put on the white alien bee hood.

I may or may not have freaked out, pranced around and hyperventilated when a bee got into my white alien bee hood.

IMG_8288But at least I’ll have some stories to tell young wiper-snappers when I’m wrinkled and have to squint at people through a magnifying glass.

One must always look for the pros in life.

xx Trouser Girl



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