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Ali’s Photo Booth

As you know, I was at the wedding of my good buddy, Ali, on the weekend. I’m thankful that during this most specialist of days three things happened.

1. I walked down the aisle in heels without face planting.

A highly likely and probable event which I mercifully escaped.

2. I gave a speech at the reception without saying too many ‘ums’, cackling like Oz’s wicked witch or using wild gestrating hand movements.

This is all because of my younger brother. He coached me through my speech rehearsal (quite literally) and advised me not to play the drama queen and use words like ‘gestrating’

Sigh…. He knows me too well.

3. There was a photo booth at the Ali’s reception.

I have never been in a photo booth before last weekend. Now I have and my life is complete. I can die a peaceful, fulfilled life for now I know what a total hoot photo booths are.

So let’s have a look at a couple of my photo booth experiences (for there were several):


Fellow booth hooters: Matthew the Munchin and Hayden, Ali’s nephrew.





Scene 1: ‘Look! There we are on the screen!’






Scene 2: ‘Don’t forget to look at the camera up here!’





Scene 3: ‘Darn, I think it’s started. Quick, pull a face everyone!’





Scene 4: ‘AND ANOTHER ONE!!!!!’





Fellow booth hooter: My brother, James.





Scene 1: ‘Vee are da moosdash amigos.’






Scene 2: ‘Viting moosdash quime eververe!’




Scene 3: ‘No vun gets past oursa noses.’






Scene 4: ‘Vate! Ow cood vee not ave zeen dat!!’





And after a few more attempts….



Fellow booth hooter: My mate, Abigail.




Scene 1: They road into town, looking for adventure.





Scene 2: But what they saw made them shake in their dust covered boots.





Scene 3: But they decided to save the day cos ain’t no one was gonna call them yellow.





Scene 4: And so they lived happily cowgirl ever!




The Verdict:

Totally. Nailed it.

xx Trouser Girl

3 thoughts on “Ali’s Photo Booth

  1. These are just hilarious. Photo Booths are just the best way for anyone to be absolutely goofy…even when you are dressed in your best for a wedding.

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